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Statement from the artist Susana Moreira

"With my experience in Sculpture, I was drawn to the idea of presence in space, influenced to experiment with bodies and objects that literally marked their presence in a place, offering realisation of the space we occupied. Later, I realized that the use of the human body, and this literal way of wanting to show this idea of presence was very limited and was not the poetic language I was happy to present.

Adding the influence of cinema brings the charm of the atmosphere, the connection with the slow pace and the relationship with what is around us. It made me keep moving towards other forms of expression where presence didn't necessarily have to be represented with an object in a physical, tangible space. The sensation and emotion transmitted was enough.

Still with the usual element, the presence and the space we occupy, it is added scientific curiosities and the need to discover and understand the universe that universe that shelters us, the relationship we have with the feeling of contemplation, the capacity to ask about our surroundings and what brought us here, the desire to go beyond and relate this to go further and relate this to art. Science, space, the cosmos and themes from German Romanticism are major references in the work."


Susana Moreira - Dec, 2022 -Lisbon

About the Artist

Susana Moreira (1991), lives and works in Lisbon. She has a degree and a post-graduate diploma in Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. She also attended the Photography in Movement course at the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas.

With her training in Sculpture, she taught a workshop of wood techniques at the Mercado das Artes in Proença-a-Nova and participated in the setting up of the exhibition Lightcraft at Palácio Belmonte, by the artists Jana Matejkova-Middleton & Rory Middleton, curated by Mário Caeiro and Philip Cabau in Lisbon. Among the exhibitions he has participated in are the Sculpture Symposium Monsanto invades the city in the forest park of Monsanto, Sculpture exhibition at the ISEG, FDUL Experience Festival, Sculptures in the Palace at Marquês de Pombal Palace in Oeiras, Sculpture Collective in Aljustrel, Sculpture Collective in Proença-a-Nova, 2nd Photography Meeting in Arruda dos Vinhos and 2020 Exhibition in Lisbon.

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