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HyperCube is an artist-run project space that researches the innovative possibilities of alternative art spaces, and explores artists' and scientists' interactions with in-situ, ex-situ.


HyperCube is a non-profit experimental art space founded by artist, Özge Topçu and takes its purpose and identity from her practice. In her artwork, Ozge explores the relationship between the spatiality of space, science, and sociology. 


Hypercube is dedicated to curating and hosting projects that further understanding between the relationship of space, science, and sociology. 


As a non-profit organisation, HyperCube creates an open space for trans-disciplinary activity and aims to build institutional engagement with non-institutional actors such as local communities and students.


HyperCube is open for project proposals from makers, thinkers, artists, and scientists. In additional to its regular call for curated projects, HyperCube welcomes and responds year round to open submissions.


Inspired by higher dimensional iterations of the cube, as well as the existing architectural structure of its location, the HyperCube space aims deconstruct the traditional notion of ‘the white cube’ and develop a hyper form of art space.

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